Endings need to be handled well to stop them from becoming unfinished business from which people struggle to move on. A quick look at www.glassdoor.co.uk is enough to tell you that in a digital world it’s not too much of a challenge to find ways of getting your own back.


Need to talk to someone about a problem person or a tricky situation? Need someone to carry out an independent investigation into a disciplinary issue or a grievance or to help you resolve a situation before it gets to the point of discipline or dismissal?


Not long ago I worked with a client who had serious suspicions about the honesty of an employee, but was concerned that he could not prove anything. We talked through what the client thought needed to be proved – in disciplinary matters it’s the “balance of probabilities” not “beyond all reasonable doubt”. I carried out the investigation, without much cooperation from the employee, and made the recommendation to dismiss. After some further negotiation the employee agreed to go.



People move on to new opportunities. That can be both a disappointment and a tribute to the way in which you have enabled them to grow with your business. It’s always worth taking some time to find out why someone decided to go when they did. An exit interview may tell you something that will help you to keep the next person a little longer or make a change that will benefit everyone.




But sometimes endings are more difficult...


Dismissal and resignation

When things don’t work out you need to be sure that you are getting it right before you dismiss.


If the market for your business contracts, you may have to make people redundant. That can be a tricky business.


When it happens you may also want to offer the people leaving you some help with finding their next job.


If you sell your business to someone else, it’s likely that will amount to a transfer and be covered by regulations which require you to do certain things in a certain way and within certain timescales (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations).


Whatever you do, you want to protect yourself against the time, trouble and expense of an employment tribunal claim.


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