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The middle


HR Policies and procedures – boring bureaucracy or the engine of your business?


Managing performance

You want to give people good, purposeful and safe work and for them to do the best job they can and be willing to go the extra mile for you.


You need to be able to deal with poor performance promptly and fairly to get people back on track.


You want to deal with pay in ways that support your business goals.


A lot of this is about having a clear aim that people can buy into and the right policies and procedures. There are templates around for most of these. But policies and procedures are also about your purpose, your brand and what matters to your business. How do you want to manage performance? How do you want to deal with absence? How do you want to recognise achievement?


And none of this need be bureaucratic. For example, I helped one client replace an appraisal scheme which had become a tick box exercise and did nothing for either the business or its employees with a simple approach which we called “Working for Success”...


"...this delivers a straightforward flexible way of managing performance that helps the organisation to improve what it does and gives it people clarity about what is needed and room to be more involved in setting objectives that will add value and help them to grow and develop."

You can talk to me about what you want and how I can meet your needs. I can agree with you a price per activity, which may be a good way to get started. Or we can put in place a contract for a set number of hours of advice and support over the course of a year.


With an annual contract you get a free annual review which you can use, for example, for a lessons learned session, a chance to update and improve your policies and procedures or to do some training for your team.


And there’s another reason why contracting with me makes good sense. I’ll keep you informed of changes in the law and the results of employment tribunal cases which might mean that you need to change what you do.

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