About me

My core values are:


Trust - a commitment to doing what I say with integrity and to speaking truthfully, but with respect, sensitivity and concern for the other; 

Confidence - in my abilities and those of others rooted in a firm belief that people always make the best decsions that they can and positivity nutures growth;

Results oriented - focussed on working quickly to identify practical outcomes which will move you forward;

Learning - recognising the importance of making time to reflect, build new models, experiment and learn from successes and failures. Ensuring the transfer of learning to your organisation;

Change oriented - a commitment to continuous improvement and enabling individuals and organisations to be the best that they can be; and

Aware - always alert to what is going on and how we are responding to it; able to keep all this in mind as part of a process of exploration which takes place without imposing judgements or jumping to conclusions and recognises the uniqueness of your situation.

Inclusive - committed to promoting fairness and acceptance and workplaces in which no one feels that they must conceal aspects of their identity for fear of being stigmatised.


I have talked about understanding your "why".  Well mine is about doing what I can to make work the most productive, enriching and fulfilling experience that it can be.  Many of us spend a significant proportion of our lives at work - so it should be something that enables us to grow and develop as human beings while contributing to the success of the organisations that employ us.

I am an experienced HR Director and change manager with a track record of improving value for money and individual and organisational performance.  I founded GAL consulting in 2008 – so we will be celebrating our 12th birthday this year as a successful small business.

I have worked with clients on mission, vision and values and created the behavioural frameworks that give them effect.  I have designed reward strategies and performance and talent management systems.  I have carried out culture audits and helped to build employee engagement.

My work has included supporting clients through reorganisations and restructures from organisation design to job analysis and from managing redundancies to providing career counselling for groups and individuals.

I have written and provided clients with contracts, policies and procedures and letters.  I have advised on difficult HR matters from poor performance to complaints of discrimination.  I have carried out numerous investigations and supported clients with the implementation of the recommendations and action plans which flow from them. I have tackled serious allegations of bullying, harassment and poor leadership requiring sensitive handling in both individual and team settings. I have experience of employment  tribunals.

I also have extensive experience in leadership development and executive and team coaching. Please see my website dedicated to personal and leadership development and growth: www.galconsulting.uk 

I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a qualified accredited coach and a Member of the Association for Coaching. Where appropriate, for example in recruitment and personal development, I use psychometrics and diagnostic tools such as 360-degree feedback. I am a Registered Test User with the British Psychological Society and experienced in the use of ability tests and a range of personality instruments.  I am accredited to use the Emotional Capital Report

Getting in touch

On Track HR is a trading name for GAL Consulting Ltd. Registered in England and Wales.  Company no: 06766419

Email: George@on-track-hr.co.uk


Mobile: 07724 239495