Organisation design and development

Organisation design and development

Organisation design and development is about ensuring that the formal structures and the processes of your business enable people to thrive and grow so that the organisation is better able to achieve its purpose and strategic goals.  Organisation design and development is a key enabler of change.

What’s your vision – your why?  What are the values that underpin it?  Do they provide the purpose and focus that you and those who work with you need? Does your organisation structure deliver your vision and values?  Does it provide people with meaningful, good work that enables them to fulfil their needs and potential?  Do each of your people policies and procedures align with and reinforce your vision and values?

All too often policies and procedures are based on off-the-shelf templates that make you no different from your competitors.  I can work with you to understand your needs and support you in implementing structures, policies and practices that will really deliver.

An Appreciative Inquiry approach to change management

Discovery is about finding what is working well.  What are your key strengths?  What are the quailities that have got you to where you are now?  What is it that gives life and energy to what you do?

Dream - What is your dream for the future - for what could be?  This is about imagination, creativity and possibilities, but it's not about building castles in the air.  Your dream will be built on the resources that you have discovered as part of the previous phase.

Design is about what needs to happen to deliver the dream.

Destiny - What's the plan.  Who will do what?  When will it be done by?  How will we know that we have succeeded?

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