Great recruitment

"Recruiting with values will make your organisation more attractive to applicants, improve job satisfaction, enhance organisational commitment and reduce turnover"


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Great recruitment

Recruitment and selection is a tricky business as anyone who has made a poor choice will know – and most of us have. 

Wrong decisions take time to undo; they lead to poor performance; disrupt successful teams and may lead to time consuming accusations of unlawful discrimination. 

Very often the poor choices don’t come down to people who couldn’t do the job or didn’t have the right knowledge or skills.  They are about people who just didn’t fit the organisation or who never seemed to engage with the job that they were recruited to do.

Recruiting with a clear sense of your own “why” and what that means in terms of the values that you need someone to bring to work will make your organisation more attractive to applicants, improve job satisfaction, enhance commitment and reduce turnover.  I’m not suggesting that this is a replacement for knowledge, skills and abilities, but I do believe that our tendency to prioritise these things when recruiting doesn’t guarantee the best decisions.  You can train me to do your job; you can’t train me to believe in your cause.

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How does a values based approach to recruitment work?

If you can set out a clear why for your company – your purpose, cause or belief – and the values which bring that purpose, cause or belief to life, then you have something that will strike a chord with people who are passionate for that same purpose, cause or belief and share your values.


That’s the core message of values based recruitment – people who share your why and your values will bring to their work  a degree of commitment and engagement that someone for whom it is just a transaction will not.  Indeed, if it’s just a transaction, then you are unlikely to get loyalty either.  You may offer a competitive salary, but you may not be so competitive in six months or a year and then another employer with a better deal may seem like a more attractive prospect or you may find yourself being repeatedly asked: “what are you going to do for me today?” 

This is all the more important when we recognise that in 2017 millennials made up some 13.9% of the UK population and were already the largest generational group in the workforce.  This year they will make up 50% of the UK workforce. 

So, how does our why and how do our values resonate with the desire for passion, meaning, autonomy and flexibility which research suggests is what matters most to half of the pool from which we are recruiting?