We all need to see our efforts recognised and rewarded

Organisations are living human systems and like any other living system they need to be nurtured if they are to flourish and develop.


We all need to see our efforts recognised and rewarded.

That happens through both intangible, non-financial rewards, like feedback on our performance, and tangible rewards in the form of pay and benefits.  Putting these two things together gives an approach that recognises that reward needs to be about more than just money (see the Towers Perrin model of total reward below).

The tangible, transactional rewards matter.  Where you position yourself in the recruitment marketplace and knowing how you stack up against the competition are an important part of attracting the talent that you need to succeed.  But it’s the intangible, relational rewards that set you apart.  This is about things like performance management, competencies (the behaviours that provide people with clear expectations and link back to your why and your values), learning and development and career progression, culture and values and leadership.

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The Towers Perrin model of total reward