Employee relations and the law

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Employee relations and the law

Employee relations is wrapped up with organisation culture.  People who share your why – your cause or mission – and your values are more likely to stay, more likely to be committed and engaged and more likely to invest their discretionary effort in helping the organisation to succeed. 

Sometimes things don’t work out and when that happens it can be a relief to have someone to turn to for guidance and support on how to solve the problem.

Employment law provides a minimum standard with which we must all comply if we are to avoid time consuming and costly claims which may do much reputational damage.  It gives employees confidence that they will be treated with fairness and transparency, not be discriminated against unlawfully, will know where they stand with regard to the main planks of their relationship with their employer and have the possibility of recourse when things go wrong.  So, whatever you do you need to make sure that you stay on the right side of the law.

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