Measuring what matters

People analytics is about using data to understand the impact that people strategies, policies and practices are having on business outcomes. 

This is more than the passive reporting of numbers about turnover or sickness absence. 

It's about asking questions, formulating hypotheses, acquiring the data to prove or disprove those hypotheses and using the outcomes from these investigations to provide insight and lead to measurable actions.

People analytics can be used to look at the different stages in the employee lifecycle from attraction to separation.  But its better used in a holistic and actionable way to look at how one part of the cycle may be impacting another. 

It may be interesting to know what your annual employee turnover is, but where is it happening, what is driving it and why is it happening?  What could you do to reduce it?

This might demand a more creative approach to the data you collect.  For example, when people join what do they say about their reasons for joining and what do they think of processes like induction and performance management?  What is the relationship between these things and the departure of people you would rather have kept?

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People analytics may also be used to assess and optimise the delivery of the people plans and initiatives that support the delivery of the business plan.  What is the size and shape of the workforce that you need and how are key processes like recruitment, reward, learning and development, succession planning and diversity helping you to achieve it?

Want to talk about what your measuring and how you might make the measures add more value?  Then please give me a call.